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Cesare/Lucrezia, the pairing that destroys me like no other

You know that pain you get in your chest sometimes?

It’s like a squeeze around your heart, as if something deep inside you freezes for a moment and is overcome by a flash of uncontrollable, unpredictable emotion. It’s so rare that you almost enjoy the sensation, since it’s the signal of something that touches you profoundly, but the pain is undeniable.

Episode 4 gave me that feeling.

I have never experienced the same roller coaster of emotions as with this pairing—Cesare/Lucrezia is a heady, addictive mix of contradictory elements: irrefutable love tied to inevitable destruction, mutual devotion forced aside by familial obedience, the clarity of sweetness darkened by dangerous sexual attraction, desperate longing alongside desperate closeness.

I am almost glad that there will be a few weeks without shared scenes between my OTP— I don’t think I could handle it.

My heart needs time to heal from the bruises.